Monday, November 3, 2008


If you were working in a shop and three random kids ran up to you and asked you to LEND something from the shop for a challenge would you really believe them? I'm not able to be objective on this one since i was one of the three kids running around like crazy searching for musical instruments or just random stuff that made noise in order to create our own special instruments. Some shops were really cool with it and were nice enough to give away something from their shop but others were just so rude to us and thought we were a joke. But who cares we still made it on time and we did find some really interesting stuff here and there. HA! Tomorrow we'll see how our instruments will sound like as we're going to play them in the streets of birmingham!


Tomato juice is one other english drink i'll never understand..(especially for breakfast)..ew..

Che ginnasta la claudia!

We didn't know it yet but this move would have been used for our 'mamma mia!' dance the night after!

We are the champs!

Go Italy!!! Here i am with giorgia holding the cup we won at the disco bowling last night! Yep, that's right..we totally didn't expect it but our team made the highest score of the night! Our team had (almost) all of us italians plus romano from holland (dressed as pink :p) and eylem from turkey! Alessio suprised us with his (hidden) bowling talent and recieved the prize as best bowler of the night :) anyway from this night i learned one fundamental thing: i still suck at bowling!!!

So tired!

We've (fan)walked for 17 km and here is how we came out of it: completely exhausted!!! And is it only us italian gals who get loads of bruises on our legs? So weird..anyway, after we got to the hostel (hospital more likely...the rooms were so ugh!) claudia, giorgia, marta and myself went to the swimming pool which was right next to the was great fun, we went inside the sauna and i had a diving competition with lorenzo and guess who won? Me, baby!

I miss breakfast...!

Since we've got here we haven't had a proper breakfast ever! Right, we're in england and english breakfast is ok i guess...i mean sausages and egg are quite heavy but full of proteins and yeah, we need all our energy to walk about 20 km a day...but going to eat breakfast at a mcdonald's it's just WRONG! We want cappuccino and brioches!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween aftershow

Halloween was crazy! Our crazy hairdo's were quite interesting, 4 italians won a wristband for that challenge and that was cool :) we got back to the hostel around 11 pm..too early to go to sleep, right? Some of us went to buy some booze at a gas station nearby and we all gathered in someone's room for the (un)official halloween aftershow partay! It was a cool night afterall :)

Bailando at the halloween partay!

Watch these ladies groovin' around! Nice moves marta and zanda!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Nice moves girls! Zanda and Marta dancing away on halloween..

Friday, October 31, 2008


German mtv vj's are hot! Ahaha! Italian girls in love :p

Trick or treat?

Don't be afraid of us...we don't bite... (just don't mess with us!!) Yo!

We are the world

One of the things i love about the fanwalk is getting to meet amazing people from all over the world :) there is no cultural difference between us, we speak the same language...the language of MUSIC! Here we have israel, turkey, and of course of from italy! Btw remember last night's mystery about all that money on the floor? I can now reveal it was (well) spent on booze! Ahaha! I just came back from the party room (at each hostel we pick a room where there will be some kind of end-of-the-day party) and let me tell wasn't a good sight! Fanwalkers are wild and crazy!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Note to myself...

Never order italian food outside Italy...!!! (onions in the lasagna is a no-no!)

I hate mud!

Second day of the fanwalk and here we are literally walking in the middle of nothing! The english countryside has much to offer: pretty views of the vast fields, glimpses of horses running wild, golden autumn leaves falling gently on our heads...and then there's the annoying, gross, wet MUD!!! I really hate mud...and my feet totally agree with me! Can't wait to arrive to someplace dry and warm..(a short note to future fanwalkers: trekking boots are gonna be your new best friends!)


Can you guess why we're collecting money? Tomorrow the solution to this mystery :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Day one is over! We made it through kenwood park alive, yay! Victorious shouts erupted as soon as we saw our very special fanwalk it's time to go to our next hostel and take a looong and hot shower! (It's so cold here that there is SNOW on the ground! Brrr)

We'll be togetheeer...

The official sony ericsson fanwalk band!!

These (rain)boots are made for walking!

Rain, rain go away, come back another day!

These (rain)boots were made for walking!

Rain of england! I'm not afraid of you! Ha! :p

It's britney, b*tch!

I just saw Britney Spears! She looks quite different from what i remember though..Might be the hair..what do you think? ahaha!!